Haven’t you ever thought about that.? I have imagined. So here let’s talk about whether, it is possible or not.

TCU (Transmission Control Unit) of a vehicle is responsible for control the gears according to the speed in an auto gear vehicle. When TCU receive the data of the speed of the vehicle by its sensors and switches, TCU shares the data in between ECU (Engine Control Unit), HECU (Hydraulic Electronic Control Unit), Instrument Panel and Selector Lever Control Unit, which are some of the control units of the vehicle.

There are many systems which are controlled by TCU. Among those systems, today we are going to talk about Reverse/Parking (R/P) Lock System, which is responsible for the above topic. This R/P Lock System is responsible for the security of the vehicle and its passengers. Speed sensors calculate the speed of the vehicle and transmit the data to TCU. Then TCU decides what to do.

When we are driving a vehicle, although we are trying to shift the gear to “P mode (park)” or to the “R mode (Reverse)” Selector Lever Control Unit calculate the speed of the vehicle and doesn’t allow to do change it.

Selector Lever Control Unit receives these data from the Wheel Speed Sensors. Also this Reverse/Parking R/P Lock System receives data from the Brake Switch too. By that, Selector Lever Control Unit decides whether vehicle is in “stop” mode. That’s why we should pedal brake while we are shifting gears. As well as in some vehicles, while we are in “D mode” even without pedal the brake, we can shift the gear to “N mode”(neutral mode) only, which is not harmful to the vehicle.

So guys, Now you know whether, it is possible to shift the gear to reverse mode while you are driving. If you are willing, you can try it your own.

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