Vehicle takes in air and passes it into the engine through the air filter. This filter removes dirt, debris and other contaminants from the air to ensure clean air is entering the engine for combustion. When your vehicle air filter is dirty, your cylinders and oil will both be subject to contamination from dirt particles in the air. This contamination causes wear and tear on your engine. Better need to replace an air filter before happened any bad things to your engine. It ensures that your vehicle engine is only receiving clean, fresh air that will allow it to run at its best.

Symptoms of dirty air filter

01. Decreased Engine Power
02. Decreased fuel economy
03. Rough Running Engine
04. Higher RPM

Changing your engine’s air filter is very easy and it’s the one of the cheapest ways to improve your vehicle’s overall performance. An air filter is dry paper or foam filter that is usually located inside the air box on the left or right hand side of the engine bay. You can search on the Google to get some hint to where it is found if unclear. In below video showing how to Replace or clean air filter in my SsangYong Rexton. Check the video clearly and try to do it yourself.

Replacing Air Filter step by step

01. Find your vehicle air filter Location.
02. Removed screws, clip or wind nuts and open the housing compartment.
03. Removed the air filter.
04. Clean the air filter housing compartment.
05. Replace the new one filter.
06. Compartment put back by reversing the steps you take it off.

Replacing your air filter at regular interval is every 15,000 km or every 18 months, whichever comes first. Failing to replace your air filter will allow harmful contaminants to enter the engine and may cause serious internal damaged.

Thank you.

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