Brakes are very important to avoid an accident. When we paddle brakes, piston of the master cylinder takes brake oil which contains in the Brake Reservoir Fluid Tank and gives a pressure to brake lines, then brake oil flows through the brake lines and then brake calipers get worked.

If suddenly a brake hose blasts which has tremendous pressure its inside, it’s inevitable to happen a big accident and we’ll be destitute on the road. So today I’m going to explain how to fix this issue with my own experience.

One day while I was driving pushed brake paddle suddenly and felt a big pressure inside and when paddled more and more to get rid way from it, brake paddle shifted downwards without any pressure. That resulted sudden loss of brakes. Fortunately at that time I was driving slowly and was nearby my home. When I checked the road after reached at home, I could see oil everywhere on the road and there was more oil where I applied more force to brake paddle. So I tried to figure it out the issue and checked under the vehicle there was more oil at the right side front wheel area.

Vehicle lifted up and removed the wheel when I pushed brake paddle I realized there was ruptured brake hose and oil get leaked from it. Brake oil level at the reservoir tank was less than the minimum level. Then I separated brake line and removed and bring new brake hose and DOT4 brake oil then replaced it again as it was without oil line blocked. Then filled the brake oil to oil reservoir tank up to ideal level.

Now I had to remove the air which entrapped in the brake lines. I found the bleeding nipple in the caliper and asked another guy to press the brake paddle several times and hold it with pressure until I say, then I opened up the bleeding nipple and closed it. I repeated the same process several times until the trapped air in the brake lines get away. That means ideally brake line should only be filled with brake oil. Then I filled brake oil to reservoir tank up to its ideal level which gets low on above process and make brake well as it was.

So guys this is how I fixed blast brake hose issue at my home. I think this would helpful to you guys too one day.

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